OutRadio Features Kara Square's "How Do Lesbians Have Sex?"

OutRadio DECEMBER 2012


JD Doyle kindly featured my song "How Do Lesbians Have Sex?" on OutRadio's December show.  You'll find it on part two.  The show includes four hours of music by GLBT musicians.  It is AWESOME.  Seriously.  I listened all the way through while I was at my day job.  Highly enjoyable.  Highly recommendable and recommended. 

To get the full experience, be sure to visit the website and show page.  While you're there, you can download each part of the show in the top right hand corner (you'll see numbers).  Scroll down and you'll find a link to the show script and a gallery.  I've never seen such an intricate visual experience for an online radio show.  It's really cool.

JD Doyle started the Queer Music Heritage website in 2000.  Ya' gotta check it out- it's an amazing database of GLBT musicians.  I'm kinda overwhelmed by how extensive it is (in a very good way, of course).

Thank you, JD Doyle.  I feel honored to be part of this incredible show and website.  Hope ya'll check it out!




Remixes by Audio Cave, Vidian, Piero Peluche, TheDICE, and unreal_dm

I'm excited to share five new remixes created by ccMixter artists!  The quality and variety continues to blow my mind.  It feels really special to be remixed.  I think it's the fact that someone digs a song so much that they spend hours working with it.  That's pretty flippin' awesome.  So, thank you remixers.  Follow the title links to download the tracks for free on ccMixter.  Yeah, free.  That's pretty flippin' awesome, too, eh?

unreal_dmEverybody Else by unreal_dm featuring Kara Square


Audio CaveThese Years by Audio Cave featuring Kara Square


VidianRoomtone by Vidian featuring DjVadim, SackJo22, robwalkerpoet, Kara Square





Everybody Else by TheDICE featuring Kara Square



Piero Peluche

Something Right by Piero Peluche featuring Kara Square


OSU's The Lantern Publishes Musician Profile on Kara Square

The Lantern Cover Photos

OSU's The Lantern has a series called "Columbus' Own" where they profile local musicians.  I was kindly asked to be interviewed for an article.  I met with Hailey Kim and talked about myself a whole lot (way more than I'm comfortable doing).  Hailey asked a ton of great questions.   The article is positive and well-written (you can read it here).  A few things are a bit out of context, but I feel extremely flattered to have been featured in this way.  Big thanks to Hailey and The Lantern!


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