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Ukulele Hunt A big ol' THANK YOU to Al Wood from Ukulele Hunt for sharing a link to "Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke" on his latest 'Friday Links' post!

Ukulele Hunt is a wonderful spot to learn a ton about the uke... Definitely one of my favorite ukulele-related sites!  The author of the site, Alistair Wood, also wrote the book "Ukulele For Dummies."  I learned the Swiss Army Ukulele Strum from that exact book!  It’s my go-to strum and it’s all over the love song album.  Sooo... I definitely recommend both the book AND website.  Ukulele Hunt has a bunch of tabs and pretty much anything you need to know about the uke.  Thanks again, Al!


Pre-Order the Pre-Release of 'Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke' Album

The digital pre-release of Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke is now ready for Pre-Orders.  Ha!  Pre-Order the Pre-Release!  (Okay, so that humored me anyway...) If you Pre-Order now, you can immediately download the first 4 tracks.  On the pre-release date, Jaunuary 24th, you'll get a download code for the full album emailed to you.  But that's not all... this is a SPECIAL release, so there are options, baby! 


Pinwheel500To introduce the songs in a fun, whimsical way, I am personally crafting homemade Valentines to accompany the digital pre-release. Each Valentine includes a button (designed by TheDICE) that declares “I Love Uke” and a loving lyric from the album songs handwritten on the front. A download code for the full album is on the back. There is also the option to buy Valentine multi-packs to share with friends and loved ones.


The digital pre-release will be available on January 24, 2013. The full, worldwide album release with CDS and a ukulele song book will take place on March 28, 2013. You can pre-order the CD/song book now and you'll have it in your hands before the official release date.

Dude, I'm so jazzed about this release.  It is my first completely solo effort. On the album, you'll hear me play ukulele, melodica, glockenspiel, guitar, banjo, shaker, tambourine, midi keyboard (bass/drums/synth).  And, of course, the album is dedicated to my love-song muse, Katie Miller.  I adore her, like, crazy.  We've been together 12 years!  And you know what?  Our love only grows deeper.  Writing these songs was a blast.  And as much as they are very much about Katie and our love, I also believe them to be highly universal.  Love is love is love is love, damn it.  And it's beautiful.

I really, really, really hope you enjoy this album!  Maybe you'll even... love it.

With love,

Kara Square


Beautiful Remix of "These Years and Still"

Ed CunninghamThe super-talented and kind Ed Cunningham created a beautiful version of "These Years and Still" and posted it on ACIDplanet.  All of the supportive comments that have been posted on the track make me blush!  Thank you, Ed, for composing such gorgeous accompaniment for the track.  


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