Indie Music Sampler Added "A Heart With Your Name On It" To The Playlist!

Indie Music Sampler LogoThe wonderful host of Indie Music Sampler, Paul, kindly added "A Heart With Your Name On It" to the playlist and it's now in regular rotation!  IMS is an internet radio station that streams indie music 24/7.  It's free, easy to use, and fantastic!  I'm listening right now- the quality of song picks is excellent- right down my alley.  Up my alley?  I dunno... but an alley is involved, and it's a good, good thing. 

To listen, just go to the Indie Music Sampler website and on the right side of the page, you'll see a little player that says "Listen Here."  There's no downloading or anything, the music just starts!  (This will be great when I'm at my day job.)  There are other listening options, too- including a mobile app.  Check out all the options here and please tune in!  Thanks again, Paul!  


Radio Orphans Podcast Played "We're Okay"!

radioOrpansThe super-nice guys of Radio Orphans Podcast played "We're Okay" on their latest show #396!  And I literally blushed at the kind words they said... Dude, really, stuff like this:

"Hey the next artist, one of our favorites out of Ohio, Kara Square."

"We love her- she's got some great stuff..."

Ummm.... a BIG ol' ego boast from them!  And you know what?  They're also musicans... and like me, they do a lot of experimentation.  They call their style alternative experimental indie rock... and rock it does.  You can buy their tunes on iTunes and stream them for free on SoundClick.    

So please check out Radio Orphans- the podcast AND the band.  They highlight a ton of wonderful indie music on their weekly show.  Plus, they've been mighty cool to my band, Team Smile and Nod, and me.  Thanks again, Radio Orphans!!


Flyswatter Show Played "I Heart Your Brain"!

Flyswatter Show"I Heart Your Brain" got its first podcast play!  Whooooop!  A HUGE thank you to the Flyswatter Show for featuring the track AND sharing my bio.  How cool!  And thanks for calling the song "adorable"... :D 

Cherry Overload - The Flyswatter Show

Flyswatter Show is described as "A vegan, atheist, liberal, skeptic mom podcast."  On it, she discusses these topics and whatever else peaks her interest.  Sooo... I'm lucky my little ditty made the cut! 

Please give a listen to the Flyswatter Show - Cherry Overload to hear "I Heart Your Brain," two other wonderful songs, and some very pleasant banter from the host.  I'll be checking out future shows for sure! 


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