Queer Sounds Radio Show Plays Kara Square!

Queer Sounds


Last night KYRS (Spokane, WA 92.3 & 88.1 FM) listeners were treated to a lil' Kara Square music love on Queer Sounds!  It's a wonderful show that primarily plays music by LGBTQ musicians.  It airs on Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM PST and you can stream the station online 24/7!  'bob' and Cat have been supportive of my music since the first Team Smile and Nod album and I just want say... THANK YOU!     


OutRadio Shares "Heart Stopping Lies"

OutRadio February 3013JD Doyle of OutRadio and Queer Music Heritage included "Heart Stopping Lies" in the February 2013 show.   This monthly show features music by LGBT artists.  The host, JD Doyle, sounds like an NPR host... fantastic voice... ! 

And you know what?  Beyond being extremely grateful for the exposure, I'm quite elated to find so many amazingly talented musicians on the show!  For example, I had never heard of Jen Foster and... she's incredible! 

And so... please visit OutRadio, listen, and enjoy!  The February show features 3 hours of music!  You'll find "Heart Stopping Lies" in Part 1.  I'll be checking out the show each month. 







Indie Music Sampler Added "A Heart With Your Name On It" To The Playlist!

Indie Music Sampler LogoThe wonderful host of Indie Music Sampler, Paul, kindly added "A Heart With Your Name On It" to the playlist and it's now in regular rotation!  IMS is an internet radio station that streams indie music 24/7.  It's free, easy to use, and fantastic!  I'm listening right now- the quality of song picks is excellent- right down my alley.  Up my alley?  I dunno... but an alley is involved, and it's a good, good thing. 

To listen, just go to the Indie Music Sampler website and on the right side of the page, you'll see a little player that says "Listen Here."  There's no downloading or anything, the music just starts!  (This will be great when I'm at my day job.)  There are other listening options, too- including a mobile app.  Check out all the options here and please tune in!  Thanks again, Paul!  


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