"We're Okay" Music Video

Here's a little video for the album version of "We're Okay." It contains footage that I shot while we drove down Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. (If it looks like we're driving WAAAAAAY too fast, that's because I sped it up to fit the song.)


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Painting of Kara Square by Chris Smallwood

Kara Square-By-Chris Smallwood

My ultra-talented artist friend, Chris Smallwood, created this painting of lil' ol' me and my ukulele!  Pretty awesome, eh?  And.... it's a bonus download with the album Love Songs for Everyone But Especially Uke



Get Ready to Smile!!! Small White Dog's Slideshow Features "Start Each Day with Love"

Seriously, if you need a lift, this should do the trick.  Small White Dog created slideshow of his USA Lecture Tour and it is precious, hilarious, and just flippin' fun.  I'm delighted that "Start Each Day With Love" was used as the soundtrack.  And many of the photos were cleverly matched to the lyrics.  Small White Dog is a blog written by a brilliant dog, Tony Russell.  Tony kindly blogs to help get the word out about his dear friend, Moira Waugh's, upcoming novel.  If you're a dog lover, I'm sure you'll appreciate Tony's point of view and advice.  Anyway, here's the slide show!  Enjoy!

Small White Dog Tony Russell Lecture Tour - USA from Small White Dog Tony Russell on Vimeo.

A few impressions of my time in the USA on a recent lecture tour. I gave many talks to full houses of humans on my canine philosophy and strategies for a happier, streamlined life.

Music provided by the excellent Kara Square. 'Start Each Day With Love' can be found on her album 'Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke' - www.karasquare.com.


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