Food Patriots Documentary Trailer Features "The Bout of Bass and Ukulele"!

I'm excited to share that one of my little ukulele ditties, "The Bout of Bass and Ukulele," is featured in the documentary trailer for Food Patriots!  You can hear the song starting at 0:18.  Of course, it's awesome to hear my song in a professional trailer like this... but it's even awesomer to hear it in a documentary that deals with a passion of mine: food. 

As a long-time vegetarian, I've contemplated many of the issues brought up in this movie.  This fueled me to write many songs about vegetarianism (95 Lives, Pig Roast), consumerism (Consumer Whore), and the environment (Extinct).

Thank you to John Farbrother (Green River Films) for licensing my song for this trailer.  It's thrilling to have a teeny, tiny part in the film.  I'm very excited to see Food Patriots and hope it opens minds and inspires change.



PSC Number 3: The Lowdown on SUPER Powers

PSC3-P1-Kara Square

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep (Polydactyl Super Cat Lullaby) by Kara Square


PSC3-P2-Kara Square

PSC3-P3-Kara Square

PSC3-P4-Kara Square

PSC3-P5-Kara Square

PSC3-P6-Kara Square

Bah-DUM-bum!  There it is!  Numba' three!  I hope you like the latest comic AND song.  Do ya'?  I posted the song with a SoundCloud player... is this better for you?  I was kindly informed that the other audio player isn't compatible with mobile devices (thanks, Drew!).  If you ever find something like this to be the case, please lemme know.  I want this site to be the best it can be!  So hey, thanks for checking this out.  Please share it if you like it.  I'll have the next comic ready for you on 12/19. 

Take care and cause ruckus,

Kara... the Square one (not like Spongebob or anything... although I pictured him when I wrote that.)

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PSC Number 2: SUPER Powers


Polydactyl Super Cat Theme Song by Kara Square








Dude, this is so much fun to make.  I sincerely hope it is equally fun to read and hear.  Rah ha ha!  The next comic will include a BRAND NEW cat themed ukulele song.  I've got a lot of work to do on the song and the comic, so it might not be up until December 5th.  However, my enthusiasm may speed the process along.  Subscribe below and you won't miss it if I'm early!  And hey, if you like where this is headed, tell your pals on FB and Twitter and Pinterest and wherever you hang.  I'll be grateful forever.  (Psssst... And lemme tell you, I am TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, grateful through and through to everyone who supports my projects.  You give me the inspiration to do this stuff!)

Take care and cause ruckus my friends,

Kara Square




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