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UkeToobOur latest music video, "Heart Stopping Lies," is featured on UkeToob!!!  Woooo!  Piero and I send great big thanks to Al from UkeHunt!  UkeToob is an offshoot of UkeHunt where Al features ukulele music videos.  It's an awesome spot to hear and see what's goin' on in the uke scene.  And as a uker, I'm mighty proud to see our video there.  I often visit the site to hear the latest and greatest. Ummmm... Whooo!  *High fives all around!*  So hey, check out UkeToob and while you're there, please rate our vid and/or post a comment!   


Heart Stopping Lies: Music Video

New music video day! "Heart Stopping Lies" with Piero Peluche is this week's video from our upcoming album 'Square Meter' out on January 16th... NEXT WEEK, friends!!! WOOOOOOOOOO! We hope you dig the vid!

p.s. If you're an iTunes fan, you can pre-order our album there



Rhythm's Sue Barrett Picks Uke Love Songs Album for Best of 2013 List

I am mighty honored and pleased to share that Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke was picked by Sue Barrett of Rhythms Magazine (Australia) for the #9 spot of her "Best of 2013" list!  This is a print magazine, folks!  :D  Awesome, eh?  Thank you so much, Sue!

Rhythms - Jan - 2014 


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