Everybody Else & Recall: Music Video Doubleheader

Doubleheader!  2 New Music Videos!  "Everybody Else" and "Recall" with Piero Peluche are this week's videos from our newly released album Square Meter.  We're going to continue posting videos until there is one for each and every album track (six videos left)!  Wanna grab the album?  Here are the magic spots to do so:  Direct (Bandcamp), TuneTrack, iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby.  We really hope you dig it!!




PSC Number 5: The Pop-Up


PSC 5 by Kara Square

Oooo... Polydactyl Super Cat got a little sassy this time, eh?  Well, it's certainly understandable given humankinds inability to comprehend the necessity of ample and regular sleep.  Thus ends the sleep arch of the comic... for now, anyway.  I've got the next arch planned in my head, but I have to create some new characters.  This may sound like a simple task, but please remember this truthy truth: I'm not a practiced visual artist and it takes me gobs of time!  Luckily, it's super fun even if time-consuming.  And so... I can't accurately predict the next comic posting, but hey, subscribe below and I'll keep you posted via email... promise.

By the way, did you like today's comic?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments...

p.s. The real-life PSC inspiration, Murmur, is snoring right now.  Awwww...



TuneTrack Spotlight AND Press Release

ArtisTechAre you familiar with TuneTrack?  It is an excellent place to experience music.  You can stream our entire album on the site and check out the cover art and lyrics while you do it.  It's much more interactive than most music websites.  The kind folks at TuneTrack (run by ArtisTech Media) did a Spotlight article and a press release about our album!  Check it out here:


Press Release

While you're there, please consider joining our Green Room to throw us some monetary support.  You'll get immediate download of the album, a lyrics pdf, and blog posts with extra goodies (i.e. new songs as we create them!).

Check out this super-nice quote from Emily Richards, CEO of ArtisTech Media:  “Square Meter is a perfect example of the collaboration possible through ccMixter.org in our universal language of music.  Kara Square and Piero Peluche’s debut album is an incredible listen from start to finish. The production is radio-ready and songwriting is uniquely captivating. I personally love it!”

Joining our Green Room supports us AND ArtisTech Media... and get this, ArtisTech Media is the company that funds and operates ccMixter.  And ccMixter is where Piero and I met.  Beautiful cycle, eh? 




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