OUT EVERYWHERE: Yeah, I Do - Kara Square

Cover Art - Yeah, I Do"Yeah, I Do" was released on Bandcamp on September 21, 2015 (which just so happened to be me and my partner's 15 year anniversary). Today, October 21, 2015, you will find "Yeah, I Do" EVERYWHERE! You can still download this ukulele ode about LGBT marriage for free on Bandcamp. Please spread the love!

“Yeah, I Do” is available from the following sites (and more):

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"Yeah, I Do" on The Tim Corrimal Show

The awesome political talk show podcast, The Tim Corrimal Show, just featured my new song on the show! You'll hear "Yeah, I Do" at the end of Episode 354. Huge thanks to Tim for the support!


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Hello!  I love, love, love making music.  Whether it's for listeners, albums, or specific projects, it brings me extreme joy.  That's why I founded my record label, Thinkroot Records, in 2008.  And that's why I revamped it into a music licensing business in 2014.  I now focus on creating music for games, commercials, and film.  I have has teamed up with top-notch international musicians and producers to offer an unforgettable collection of original songs and production library music. We release our music with Creative Commons Licenses to encourage and participate in sharing culture.  Thinkroot Records has something for everyone. 


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