Remixes by Piero Peluche & Cover by Paul Bagnulo

PieroPeluche I've recently had the fortune of being remixed by a super-nice, super-talented producer named Piero Peluche.  He scooped up my vocal stems on ccMixter.  I also had the great pleasure of meeting wonderful person named Paul Bagnulo who collaborates with Piero in the band Fottuto Bianco.  Paul did a fantastically fun cover of a new song of mine called "The Most Generic Thing."  And so, I shall post these inspired remixes by Piero and the exciting cover by Paul.  Thank you, Piero and Paul.  It's been a pleasure meeting you both!  I look forward to future collaborations!  :D






My Little Ukulele - Blog Mention

I recently joined a ukulele group called Buckeye Ukulele Society.  One of the members, Dave, kindly posted the "Start Each Day with Love" music video on his new blog!  Check out My Little Ukulele for a bunch of great ukulele video picks, uke tabs, and updates about the club.  Thanks a ton, Dave!

My Little Ukulele


ArtisTech Media Signs Kara Square

I'm happy to share that the forward-thinking (and acting!) label, ArtisTech Media, has signed me as a solo artist.  ArtisTech"Start Each Day with Love" was released with them yesterday.  The future albums "Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke" and “Mind Map That: Humorous Songs from Unmappable Territory" will also be released on TuneTrack (ArtisTech Media's website).  Thank you to Emily and Alex for working so hard on this release!  Check out the press release here.  They also said nice things about the single in their blog post.


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