ArtisTech Media "DJ Death" Spotlight

ArtisTechMy good friends at ArtisTech Media kindly wrote an awesome spotlight blog about "DJ Death."  They also posted this fantastic press release.  Here's an incredibly kind quote that was included in it. 

“Kara’s DJ Death reminds me of my favorite tracks from the B52’s,” exclaimed Emily Richards, CEO of ArtisTech Media. “This sticky Halloween track really does get in your head and makes you dance like a monster mashing it up. I can imagine DJ Death playing in everyone Halloween club, party and house this year!”

A HUGE thank you to Emily and Alex for their support in releasing "DJ Death" on TuneTrack. 



"DJ Death" Official Music Video


Out Now - DJ Death

Cover Art - DJ Death600DJ Death,” in its glorious re-mastered form, is now available worldwide! Did you know that I wrote this track on the ukulele? It’s true. And proves all that a ukulele can do. (At least to me!) You can hear the uke best at the beginning of the track… it’s the main riff.  The cover art design is by Joel Frijters from SoundAdvantage and includes Chris’ original DJ Death character.  With Halloween around the corner, blast this creepy, bloodbath of a dance track and get ready to party! 

“DJ Death” is available from the following sites (and more):

tunetrack    bandcamp    cdbaby

amazon    itunes        

If you’re a remixer, you can get the vocal stems for “DJ Death” on ccMixter!  Thank you to all of the remixers who have remixed this!  It's so fun to hear what creative things are done to my vocals!

I really hope you find this song entertaining and fun. Halloween is my favorite holiday by far… let’s spread the haunted fun!


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