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Victory! "Pheromones" is a Winner of the Free! Music! Contest!


Piero Peluche and I just got the good news... "Pheromones" was picked as a winner of the Free! Music! Contest!  YEAH!  Further, Piero's other band, Fottuto Bianco, was also picked with their song "Head Down."  And guess what?  YOU are ALSO a winner!  You can download the whole album of winning songs for free!  Or you can buy a CD for just the cost plus shipping.  WHOOOOP!




Podcast Play: Eclectic Bliss

eclectic bliss


"Music Through Love" by Piero Peluche and I was played on a wonderful podcast called Eclectic Bliss.   It's a show out of LA, California that features "the best independent music on the planet."  Ummm... cool. :D

Episode 73 starts with our song and leads into an entire show of excellent tunes.  Great selections... great vibe... I'll be catching up on past episodes.  This show is a gem. 

Sooo... a big thank you to Eclectic Bliss for playing us!  Listen to Eclectic Bliss here.  I think you'll dig it.  I do.





Podcast Play: Idiosyncratic Transmissions

Idiosyncratic TransmissionsThank you to the Matman from the Idiosyncratic Transmissions podcast for playing "Pheromones" on Episode 91.  It's a rocking eclectic podcast that focuses on indie music from around the web. Great show with excellent descriptions of the tunes! I recommend a listen!

You can also learn more about the show on Facebook and Twitter.


Pheromones: Music Video

"Pheromones" by Kara Square and Piero Peluche now has an official music video! Created by Piero Peluche and featuring the magnificent paper sculptures and animations of Paul Bagnulo! A Chemical "Love" Chain Song: More Pheromones Inside! Hope you dig!!



Pheromones: NEW SONG!

Ready for a KILLER summer rock track?  A hot and heavy track that sizzles with wailing guitar and sweet kisses?  Here it is, my friends!  Rock on and let those pheromones make you moan!!

"Pheromones" is part of the album Piero Peluche and I are working on... And guess what?  We just picked the tracks for it and an order and discussed all kinds of things.. In summary, our album Square Meter is gonna happen, baby.  Gotta work out a few more little things before we pick a release date, but you'll be the first to know!



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