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Ukulele Hunt Playlist & The Tim Corrimal Show

UkeHunt-LogotimcorrimaHey hey! The wonderfully kind Al from Ukulele Hunt included our track "The Most Generic Thing" on his 2014 Ukulele Spotify Playlist!  Ukulele Hunt is the awesomest ukulele website out there.  Seriously.  You can find fantastic and precisely accurate tabs, new ukulele videos, lessons, uke reviews, and pretty much anything else ukulele-related that you can think of.  Highly recommended.  Grab your uke and check out Ukulele Hunt!  And a BIG ol' thank you to Al for the shout-out!

Meanwhile, our good friend Tim Corrimal played our song, "When I Look Up at the Sky" on his latest show!  Catch up on politics with a wonderfully progressive slant with The Tim Corrimal Show.  You'll hear our song at the end of Episode 284 Climate Change Denial.  Tim always has intelligent and inspiring guests on his show.  Here are the twitter handles for Tim and this week's guests: @timcorrimal   @Marnus3  @justiceputnam   @MarkBrooksVA  @RealAmericanLib Thanks again to Tim for all your support!