PSC Number 3: The Lowdown on SUPER Powers

PSC3-P1-Kara Square

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep (Polydactyl Super Cat Lullaby) by Kara Square


PSC3-P2-Kara Square

PSC3-P3-Kara Square

PSC3-P4-Kara Square

PSC3-P5-Kara Square

PSC3-P6-Kara Square

Bah-DUM-bum!  There it is!  Numba' three!  I hope you like the latest comic AND song.  Do ya'?  I posted the song with a SoundCloud player... is this better for you?  I was kindly informed that the other audio player isn't compatible with mobile devices (thanks, Drew!).  If you ever find something like this to be the case, please lemme know.  I want this site to be the best it can be!  So hey, thanks for checking this out.  Please share it if you like it.  I'll have the next comic ready for you on 12/19. 

Take care and cause ruckus,

Kara... the Square one (not like Spongebob or anything... although I pictured him when I wrote that.)

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