PSC Number 4: The Best Seat in the House

Polydactyl Super Cat - Number 4 by Kara Square

Wah, wha, wha!!!  Dude, it took sooooooo long to get the ukuleles right.  And in case you are wondering... yes, this is totally based on a true story.  Our sweet kitty friend, Murmur, is always hopping on my lap while I'm uking.  And yeah, she often regrets it!  But guess what?  She actually loves the "Sleep, Sleep, Sleep" song... so that's kinda neat.

Okay, so I came up with one more comic about sleep, so that's next... AFTER a new wallpaper.  So I'll post the new (SUPER cute) wallpaper on 1/2/14, on 1/16/14 I'm releasing an album with Piero Peluche (here's a brand new video), and on 1/23 you'll get PSC #5.  Sorry everything is so spaced out... I'm not a very fast comic-maker and I don't want to drive myself completely crazy with all of these projects.  Perhaps it builds the anticipation??  Anyway, I hope you like this one!!!  If so... please tell me in the comments below and subscribe if ya' haven't. 

Thank you... Happy Holidays!... Take care and cause ruckus,

Kara Square


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