Heart Stopping Lies: Music Video

New music video day! "Heart Stopping Lies" with Piero Peluche is this week's video from our upcoming album 'Square Meter' out on January 16th... NEXT WEEK, friends!!! WOOOOOOOOOO! We hope you dig the vid!

p.s. If you're an iTunes fan, you can pre-order our album there



Rhythm's Sue Barrett Picks Uke Love Songs Album for Best of 2013 List

I am mighty honored and pleased to share that Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke was picked by Sue Barrett of Rhythms Magazine (Australia) for the #9 spot of her "Best of 2013" list!  This is a print magazine, folks!  :D  Awesome, eh?  Thank you so much, Sue!

Rhythms - Jan - 2014 


To Be Sensitive: Music Video

New music video! "To Be Sensitive" with Piero Peluche is from our soon-to-be-released debut album Square Meter. This is the third video of a weekly collection leading up to the January 16th release date. What do you think?



Happy New Year! PSC Wallpaper for YOU!

Happy New Year, friends!  Polydactyl Super Cat LOVES the snow, but Kara Square does not.  Alas, here is a song for all you snow haters and a fancy wallpaper greeting for all you snow and/OR cat lovers.  Both are available for free download!!  Love it or hate it, Kara Square and PSC wish you the best of the best for the new year.



The wallpaper comes in two sizes and two varieties as you'll see below... Right click and "Save As" to download...

PSC-Happy New Year-600

Happy New Year 1366 x 768

Happy New Year 1920 x 1080

PSC-Happy New Year-KS-600

PSC Winter 1366 x 768

PSC Winter 1920 x 1080

So... I hope your new year starts just how you want it to start.  And I hope it becomes everything you want it to become.  As for me and PSC, I'll have a new video with Piero Peluche posted this Thursday and another one on 1/9.  Then on January 16th, Piero Peluche and I release our first full-length album together.  WHOOOOO!  On 1/23, I'll have a brand new PSC comic for ya'.  

And so... Happy New Year!  Take care and cause ruckus,

Kara Square



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