Podcast Plays: The Tim Corrimal Show, The Eclectic Review, Minnov8, and The Nut Gallery Review

timcorrimaOur new album, Square Meter, is getting some podcast love!  Songs from Square Meter have been played on 4 podcasts this last week.  Here's a description of each show:

The Tim Corrimal Show - Episode 281 HuckaShutShame

The wonderful Tim Corrimal has kindly played my tunes on his show a number of times... he's so supportive!  So first, a great big THANK YOU goes out to Tim.  Okay, so The Tim Corrimal Show is a liberal political talk show that features fantastic guests.  Tim's upbeat, happy demeanor is infectious.  I always find myself nodding along with he and the guests opinions.  Soooo... I highly recommend it!  He played "Something Right" at the end of Ep. 281

The Eclectic Review - Show #364 The Shymalan Nonsense

Honestly, the title of this episode alone makes me wanna give their show a serious listen.  I just received notice of this podplay today.  I skipped through a bit... the parts I heard are very intriguing.  Here's the show description from their site-  "Glory is a scientist. Stuart is a science fiction writer. Each week we take 30 minutes to discuss science, art, books, movies, tv, writing, and whatever else falls in our laps. It's called eclectic after all!"  Ummmm.... awesome premise!  I'll check it out!  A big thanks to Glory and Stuart for playing "These Years and Still."

Minnov8 Gang 250 - Surf's Up!

Minnov8 is a website that showcases Minnesota technology innovation.  The podcast features the 4 website creators.  Thank you for playing our song Steve, Tim, Graeme, and Phil!  They played "When I Look Up at the Sky" as an intro to their surfing themed show

The Nut Gallery Review - Episode 91

This show focuses on movie reviews with the hosts Jason, Shooter, and Shaun.  They cover a LOT of movie news in a single show.  Thank you guys for playing "The Most Generic Thing" as your closing song!    



Start Each Day with Love: Music Video

New Music Video Day!  "Start Each Day with Love" with Piero Peluche is this week's video from our newly released album Square Meter.  Guess what?  We're going to continue posting videos until there is one for each and every album track!  There are 5 videos left.  Would you like to hear the whole album?  Visit one of these fine spots to do so:  Direct (Bandcamp), TuneTrack, iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby.  We really hope you enjoy the vid!



Everybody Else & Recall: Music Video Doubleheader

Doubleheader!  2 New Music Videos!  "Everybody Else" and "Recall" with Piero Peluche are this week's videos from our newly released album Square Meter.  We're going to continue posting videos until there is one for each and every album track (six videos left)!  Wanna grab the album?  Here are the magic spots to do so:  Direct (Bandcamp), TuneTrack, iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby.  We really hope you dig it!!




PSC Number 5: The Pop-Up


PSC 5 by Kara Square

Oooo... Polydactyl Super Cat got a little sassy this time, eh?  Well, it's certainly understandable given humankinds inability to comprehend the necessity of ample and regular sleep.  Thus ends the sleep arch of the comic... for now, anyway.  I've got the next arch planned in my head, but I have to create some new characters.  This may sound like a simple task, but please remember this truthy truth: I'm not a practiced visual artist and it takes me gobs of time!  Luckily, it's super fun even if time-consuming.  And so... I can't accurately predict the next comic posting, but hey, subscribe below and I'll keep you posted via email... promise.

By the way, did you like today's comic?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments...

p.s. The real-life PSC inspiration, Murmur, is snoring right now.  Awwww...



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