PSC Number 7: Spring!

Here's a little tune that feels springy...

Music Box Glitch Bop

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Hello my kitty loving friends!

We could say this comic is a premonition... As I was finishing it up last weekend, Murmur acted out this exact scene! Orrrrr... we could stick with the truthiness of it being inspired by the fact that she does this nearly every time she gets to chill out in our yard. By the way, Murmur (the real-life PSC) wears a cute little tie-out when she's in the backyard. Safety first, friends!

Does your cat (or dog!) do this? Do dogs eat grass? I suppose I could 'Google it,' but it's more fun to hear from you.

Bye for now... Hope you're having a lovely spring,

Kara Square


PSC Number 6: The Most Comfortable Spot


PSC6 Kara Square

Lies, lies, lies!  Another sleep comic!  I know I said I've got another story arch in the works... and I do, I do, I promise I do.  But see, it's hard!  However, I have the characters figured out and sketches of them sketched.  Soooo... the next PSC will head that way. 

By the way, the wonderful Murmur often helps me out by modeling the poses I wish to draw.  Here's an example...

PSC Model

p.s. Does your cat or dog sit on books?  Is this a thing?  Lemme know in the comments... 




A Heart with Your Name On It: Music Video

"A Heart with Your Name On It" is the final music video of the week!  We saved the most intense one for last!  Sooooo there are now videos for each and every Square Meter album track!  Wanna check out the entire album?  Visit one of these fine sites to do so:  Direct (Bandcamp), TuneTrack, iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby.  Piero Peluche and I really hope you've enjoyed all the videos and music!


New PSC Title Panel - 2 Final Options

Hey hey!  Okay, so the general consensus is that Option 2, The Swirl, is the best new title panel.  Lisa had a wonderful suggestion in the comments, which led the new question.  Should the letters have an outline?  Which is the winner?

PSC Title Page Option 2 - New FontPSC Title Page Option 2 - New Font - Outline 


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