New Holiday Songs -AND- Remixes

ccMixter has an annual holiday remix project.  As an enthusiastic contributor on ccMixter, I wanted to do my best to participate.  You may be aware of my lack of holiday spirit.  Well, one of the great things about ccMixter is the open-mindedness of its community.  Last year, I wrote a song called "Please Don't Wish Me a Merry Christmas."  It was received quite well AND it was included in this years double album release The Best Time of the Year (which you can download for free). 

Okay, so long story short, I wrote two songs and I hope you dig them.  Below you can listen and follow the links to download the tracks.  There are also a few awesome remixes.  (Thank you, remixers!!!)  I wish you the happiest of holidays.  If you don't celebrate (like me), I wish you love, patience, and a happy, happy New Year!

MMTsmall-ccMHey the Holidays by Kara Square featuring unreal_dm



MMTsmall-ccMWe Give, We Get by Kara Square featuring unreal_dm



PieroPelucheHey the Holiday by Piero Peluche featuring Kara Square



diceIt's Not Christmas Yet. by TheDICE featuring Speck and Kara Square



mana junkie1aHey the Holidays by Mana Junkie featuring Kara Square



Remixes by Audio Cave, Vidian, Piero Peluche, TheDICE, and unreal_dm

I'm excited to share five new remixes created by ccMixter artists!  The quality and variety continues to blow my mind.  It feels really special to be remixed.  I think it's the fact that someone digs a song so much that they spend hours working with it.  That's pretty flippin' awesome.  So, thank you remixers.  Follow the title links to download the tracks for free on ccMixter.  Yeah, free.  That's pretty flippin' awesome, too, eh?

unreal_dmEverybody Else by unreal_dm featuring Kara Square


Audio CaveThese Years by Audio Cave featuring Kara Square


VidianRoomtone by Vidian featuring DjVadim, SackJo22, robwalkerpoet, Kara Square





Everybody Else by TheDICE featuring Kara Square



Piero Peluche

Something Right by Piero Peluche featuring Kara Square


Remixes by TheDICE, Unreal DM, and Whytong

There have been some amazing remixes posted on ccMixter lately.  Here are some of the ones I'm really excited about.   Follow the title links to download for free on ccMixter!


Chance by TheDICE featuring Steven M Bryant, Kara Square, and a Coyote (whip crack, dog running)


unreal dmLucky by Unreal DM featuring Kara Square


ccmixter-defaultAn Untitled Love Song (minimal club) by Whytong featuring Kara Square


A huge thank you to TheDICE, Unreal DM, and Whytong.  For that matter, thank you to everyone on ccMixter who remixes my litte ditties.  I'm always excited to hear how folks use my sounds... It's endlessly incredible to hear the diversity, creativity, and quality of the ccMixter community's remixes.


Remixes by Piero Peluche & Cover by Paul Bagnulo

PieroPeluche I've recently had the fortune of being remixed by a super-nice, super-talented producer named Piero Peluche.  He scooped up my vocal stems on ccMixter.  I also had the great pleasure of meeting wonderful person named Paul Bagnulo who collaborates with Piero in the band Fottuto Bianco.  Paul did a fantastically fun cover of a new song of mine called "The Most Generic Thing."  And so, I shall post these inspired remixes by Piero and the exciting cover by Paul.  Thank you, Piero and Paul.  It's been a pleasure meeting you both!  I look forward to future collaborations!  :D






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