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"Who's the Man?" REMIXES by Zep Hurme, Rey Izain, and Unreal_DM

Last week, I posted remixes of "To Be Sensitive," which I contributed to ccMixter's "Many-sided Prism: Music & Identity Remix Event."  Here are three remixes of a fun, doo-woppy song I wrote called "Who's the Man?" 

 zep hurme

Who's Da Man? by Zep Hurme featuring Kara Square


rey izain

 Who Is The Man? by Rey Izain featuring Kara Square

"Rey Izain’s remix of Kara Square’s “who’s the man?” for the Music & Identity event is pure brilliance and fun. A little crocodile rock and a little yakety yak…what’s not to love? Don’t miss this!!!" -ccMixter Editor Pick by Jeris

unreal dm4Who's the Man? by Unreal_DM featuring Kara Square


In case you're not familiar with ccMixter, we post our song stems, samples, and remixes to share with all!  Anyone can listen, freely download, remix, and share.  Many of the songs are releaed with CC-BY-NC licenses, so if you want to use a song for commercial purposes, just contact the artist.  There is TONS of awesome music on ccMixter!!  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Hold On Now by Alex featuring snowflake

Superstars (The Musical) by Piero Peluche featuring SackJo22

Don't you run by Jeris - written by Calling Sister Midnight, featuring Admiral Bob