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Remixes by TheDICE, Unreal DM, and Whytong

There have been some amazing remixes posted on ccMixter lately.  Here are some of the ones I'm really excited about.   Follow the title links to download for free on ccMixter!


Chance by TheDICE featuring Steven M Bryant, Kara Square, and a Coyote (whip crack, dog running)


unreal dmLucky by Unreal DM featuring Kara Square


ccmixter-defaultAn Untitled Love Song (minimal club) by Whytong featuring Kara Square


A huge thank you to TheDICE, Unreal DM, and Whytong.  For that matter, thank you to everyone on ccMixter who remixes my litte ditties.  I'm always excited to hear how folks use my sounds... It's endlessly incredible to hear the diversity, creativity, and quality of the ccMixter community's remixes.