Indie Music Sampler Streaming Entire Uke Love Album Twice Sunday 3/31/13!

Indie Music Sampler

Tomorrow, March 31st, the Indie Music Sampler will be streaming Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke @ 9AM and 9PM PST!  To listen, just visit IMS and you'll see a player on the right side of the site.  Just push play!  If you have any technical difficulties, here is a page to help you out.  Be sure to explore the site while you're there!  The host/station operator, Paul the music lover, is a super-nice guy who shares independent music for the love of it!  The site streams music 24/7 and it's always free to listen!

A HUGE thank you to Paul for his support!  Please check out Indie Music Sampler and follow Paul on Twitter--> @PTML         


Queer Sounds Interview with Kara Square

Queer SoundsLast night, I faced my anxious fears and did an interview with "Bob" on Queer Sounds!  The wonderful Queer Sounds hosts have been super-supportive of me and my music over the years.  They have regularly played Team Smile and Nod.  And they even play the theme song Rich and I made them each and every week!  When they offered an interview to support my album release yesterday (Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke), I summoned all my courage and went for it!  (Not without loads of nervous giggling and inaudible pacing.)

Queer Sounds is a glorious show out of Spokane, WA that features music by LGBTQQIA musicians and airs every Thursday at 6PM PST on KYRS.  Everyone can stream it live on KYRS' website.  "Bob," the excellent host who interviewed me, was going solo last night.  Her co-host, Cat, is also fantastically supportive!  Guess what?  I recorded it!  You can stream the interview below!

A HUGE thank you to "Bob" and Cat for having me on Queer Sounds last night.  You two are flippin' AWESOME!  Join Queer Sounds on Facebook and be sure to tune in on Thursday nights for some gay fun!


The Tim Corrimal Show Features "Heart Stopping Lies"!

The Tim Corrimal Show

Last Sunday, Tim from The Tim Corrimal Show kindly featured "Heart Stopping Lies"!  The Tim Corrimal Show is a progressive liberal political talk show with a round table type format.  It's great!  Tim invites his friends to discuss current politics.  timcast246

On Episode 246, Tim was joined by Joe (@marnus3 on Twitter), Francy (@Francy57 on Twitter) and Paddy (@PaddyK on Twitter) from “The Political Carnival” Blog.  He has a weekly segment called "All A Tweetie" where each guest features an interesting Twitter-er.  Tim mentioned me @TeamSmileandNod and said a bunch of really nice things about my tunes.  At the end of the show, he played "Heart Stopping Lies."

And soooo... I highly recommend The Tim Corrimal Show.  It is airs each Sunday night- so it's a great recap of a week's worth of politics.  Tim and his guests are good-natured and super-smart with opinions that I can get behind.  I'll be checking in regularly to keep up on politics better!  Please check it out and follow Tim on Twitter--> @timcorrimal  


Ukulele Love Album on TuneTrack!

Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke is now available on TuneTrack!  You've got to check out the album on TuneTrack... it's the prettiest interactive listening experience you'll get anywhere on the web.  Seriously.  Give it a whirl.  And join my Green Room to support me!  KaraSquare-LoveAlbum-CoverArt300

Check out these extremely kind words that the CEO of ArtisTech Media shared on the official press release:

“Kara is definitely ‘doing something right’ with Love Songs for Everyone,” remarked Emily Richards, CEO of ArtisTech Media. “Kara’s voice is rich with emotion. Her songs speak straight to the heart. And her ukulele takes many styles and tones and has certainly expanded my adoration of the instrument. This album would be perfectly sandwiched between Dar Williams and k.d. lang.”

Read ArtisTech Media's Press Release.

Visit Kara Square on TuneTrack.




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