Deadline Extended: Too Depressed for the Ukulele SING ALONG!

Too Depressed For The Ukulele -CoverPeople often associate the ukulele with happiness… silliness… vacations… Tiny Tim... that sort of thing… But what if your primary songwriting instrument is the happy little ukulele and you’re inspired to write a song, but happen to be seriously depressed?

When I wrote “Too Depressed for the Ukulele,” that was the case. As I continued to write, my mood lightened and I began to think about how playing the ukulele transforms my mental state. This idea got me thinking about how songs affect the listener in a similar way. I didn’t plan for the song to have a happy ending. The ukulele inspired happiness as I wrote it.

The idea to invite others to sing along for the happy ending just sort of happened.  Singing with a group of people can be invigorating!  Playing the uke can inspire happiness!  Heck, that's why ukulele meetups are so popular.  And soooooo... it just felt right that this song should be a sing along, ya' know? 

A couple of friends need a little more time to record some vocals, so I'm extending the deadline.  Anyway, really, what's the hurry?  Deadline, schmeadline!  Soooo... How about July 19, 2013 as the new deadline?  Yeah?  Yeah?  Cool. 

Meanwhile, here's a mix with the wonderful folks who have already kindly contributed.  You'll hear Jack Burgess of Rusty Strings on bass!  Jack also sings some killer Beach Boys styled harmony for the bridge.  :D  TheDICE, Jack & Mary Burgess, and Shannon are singing the chorus!  Whoooo!!!  (AND thank you again!!)  They sound FANTASTIC!  Of course, we'd love you to join us!  Yeah, YOU!

Project Links:

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Podcast Plays: The Tim Corrimal Show- Episode 252

The Tim Corrimal ShowI'm pleased to share that The Tim Corrimal Show- Episode 252 features a song from Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke.  This time, Tim kindly played "These Years and Still" in honor of Pride Month.  You'll also hear my songs on episodes 246, 247, and 249.  Thank you, Tim!!

timcast252On Episode 252, Tim (@timcorrimal) was joined by Joe (@Marnus3 on Twitter) and Francie (@Francie57 on Twitter).  The three of them have an excellent vibe.

The Tim Corrimal Show is a progressive liberal political talk show with a round table type format.  I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants a recap of politcial happenings over the past week.  Tim and his guests are intelligent and often laugh-out-loud hilarious.  It hits the web every Sunday.  You can stream it right from The Tim Corrimal Show website.  Thanks again, Tim! 



Small White Dog - Blog Inspired by my Lack of Inspiration

The Russell of WingsMy dear friend, Canine Philosopher, Human Life Coach, former rocker and current author Tony Russell wrote an entire blog centered around a question I asked on Facebook:

Alright... I'm out of juice. Hey creative people - when you run out of inspiration, do you force it or just stop...?

The advice Tony shared is golden.  Please check out his blog Small White Dog.  Tony posts his advice bi-weekly and is currently helping Moira Waugh edit a book about him.  Wonderful and creative stuff, folks. 


Podcast Plays: Blog Oklahoma & Michigan Maddog's Meandering Thoughts

MADDOGS MESSY DESK LOGOblog oklahoma podcast 200x200


A great big thank you to two podcasts who recently played my tunes:  Michigan Maddog's Meandering Thoughts and Blog Oklahoma. 

Thank you both kindly!!





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