The Ukulele Mixtape - Curated by Uke Hunt


I am delighted to share that "A Heart with Your Name On It" was included in Uke Hunt's The Ukulele Mixtape!  I just finished listening to the whole thing- it is an EXCELLENT collection of Creative Commons ukulele musicians.  Al Wood of Uke Hunt created this mixtape in celebration of Culture Freedom Day- which is this coming Saturday 5/18.  Ummmm.... as a big CC enthusiast, I must say: AWESOME.

So now I've got a list of ukers to check out... The Flamin' Mamies, Doug Hoyer, Entertainment for the Braindead, Wisdom Tooth... honestly, I'll probably check out everyone on the mixtape.

Give the mixtape a listen, I'm sure you'll dig the selections, too.  And share it with your uke lovin' buds!  That's the fun of CC- us musician folk want you to share!  Thanks again, Al!  I'm honored to be part of the mixtape.           

Visit Uke Hunt to read Al's blog and download The Ukulele Mixtape!




Blog Mention: Small White Dog!

SWDOur favorite authors, Tony Russell and Moira Waugh, made an exciting announcement about their novel-in-progress "Small White Dog" today.  They are in the final editing stage!  WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  (Yeah, THAT many O's.)  I'm super excited for them.  I cannot wait to read the completed novel.  It's been a blast following their blog where Tony (the precious lil' dude in the photo to the left) shares his wonderful advice as a Canine Philosopher and Human Life Coach. 

That's reason enough to blog about this project, but they also kindly mentioned a song by my collaborator friend, Piero Peluche, and I called "To Be Sensitive."  Might kind, eh?

So hey, please visit the Small White Dog blog and get a feel for this awesome novel.


License Kara Square's Music For Your Project

All of my solo music, collaborations with Piero Peluche, and Team Smile and Nod songs are available for you to license for your commercial project.  This includes films, TV shows, TV and radio advertising, video games, webisodes, websites, live events, remixes, and more.  The license fee changes based on your budget and intended use.


Many of our songs are available on YouLicense (Kara Square / Piero Peluche / Team Smile and Nod) to make it easy and quick for you to get the song that you need.  Most of the songs also have an instrumental version available.  I am always open to creating instrumental versions or work-for-hire tracks to fit your specific needs.  You can also negotiate a licensing fee directly with me if you prefer.  Please contact me here:  kara[at]thinkrootrecords[dot]com


I license all of my music as CC-BY-NC-SA.  If your project is non-commercial, you already have permission to use the track!  Attribution is mandatory for this type of use.  Here's a wonderful article on TuneTrack that explains how to attribute





Small White Dog Video - And Blog Mention!

My good novelist friends Moira Waugh and Tony Russell recently posted this wonderful (and humorous!) video interview of themselves.  I bet most pet enthusiasts will love it!  They also kindly mentioned my album (which they love!), thus providing me the perfect excuse to post their video!  Please visit Small White Dog's website.  Tony updates the blog every weekend.  Also, follow them on Twitter and Facebook!



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