Rhythm's Sue Barrett Picks Uke Love Songs Album for Best of 2013 List

I am mighty honored and pleased to share that Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke was picked by Sue Barrett of Rhythms Magazine (Australia) for the #9 spot of her "Best of 2013" list!  This is a print magazine, folks!  :D  Awesome, eh?  Thank you so much, Sue!

Rhythms - Jan - 2014 


Food Patriots Documentary Trailer Features "The Bout of Bass and Ukulele"!

I'm excited to share that one of my little ukulele ditties, "The Bout of Bass and Ukulele," is featured in the documentary trailer for Food Patriots!  You can hear the song starting at 0:18.  Of course, it's awesome to hear my song in a professional trailer like this... but it's even awesomer to hear it in a documentary that deals with a passion of mine: food. 

As a long-time vegetarian, I've contemplated many of the issues brought up in this movie.  This fueled me to write many songs about vegetarianism (95 Lives, Pig Roast), consumerism (Consumer Whore), and the environment (Extinct).

Thank you to John Farbrother (Green River Films) for licensing my song for this trailer.  It's thrilling to have a teeny, tiny part in the film.  I'm very excited to see Food Patriots and hope it opens minds and inspires change.



Out Today! "Too Depressed for the Ukulele (Featuring Friends)"!

TDFTU Cover Art 600YAH! Today is the day! "Too Depressed for the Ukulele (Featuring Friends)" is now available EVERYWHERE!  And guess what?  I don't want anyone to miss out this depression-crushing track.  It is available for free/pay-what-you-want from me here: Direct (Bandcamp)

Here are some other wonderful places you can get the track:






And pretty much every other digital music store you can find.

“Too Depressed for the Ukulele” is a depression-crushing ukulele rock anthem sing-along featuring a crowd-sourced chorus of ten friends and three types of ukuleles.  Wanna learn more about the song?  Check out ArtisTech Media's Press Release here.

Now I gotta thank everyone who participated in this track.  Without these wonderful individuals, my crazy idea would have never seen the light of day.  Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.  They made the track magical and larger than life.  So hey, check them out.  They flippin' rock:

Jack Burgess

Mary Burgess
Shannon Root Lee
Jack Burgess
Rob Walker
Moira Waugh

Cover Design by Kara Square and TheDICE
Logo by Joel Frijters from SoundAdvantage

Please join me and share the track with your friends on Twitter and Facebook and all those other social networky places.  Thank you so much for your continued support.

Take care and cause ruckus,

Kara Square



Release Date Announcement 9/13/13: Too Depressed for the Ukulele

"Too Depressed for the Ukulele (Featuring Friends)" has been official submitted for release!  The release date is September 13, 2013.  Thank you to the secret mixing/mastering guru who advised me AND also to Jack Burgess for his bass mixing help.  Here's a sneak peak of the cover art.  Thank you to TheDICE for helping the the cover art design.  (I'm lucky to have such awesome friends, eh?)

TDFTU Cover Art

 TDFTU Lyric Insert 600TDFTU Back Cover 600












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