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New Website!

Why hello there friends,

Well, it's about time Kara Square has a dedicated solo artist site, eh?  Sure, sure, Mind Map That was a solo project, too.  But we all know how that went.  Pretty well, really.  At least to me...  But very, very goofy.  Not that this won't have its ultra-goofy moments... it will... oh yes, it will.

As you may know, I'm working on a solo ukulele love song album as Kara Square.  In fact, Kara Square is going to be my new moniker in general.  I'm even going to release a collection of Mind Map That songs as Kara Square at some point.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself...


Many exciting things are in the immediate future... well, to start, this website.  ;)  But I have much more in store for you... oh yesssss... As I keep getting these love songs recorded, singles will be officially released and videos will be produced... Eventually, the album will be released!  As you may have inferred, I will most certainly keep you posted.  And this site is the new spot I'll be updating!  

So hey, thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to bombarding you with ukulele love songs!

With love (it feels appropriate to say that now, eh?),

Kara Square